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Hear Again Earcare

Hear again ear care offers a professional and quality service. Covering ear wax removal and other hearing services. We are qualified B.Sc Audiologists with many years experience. Home visits across Lancashire available and a clinic in Blackburn. 

What we do?

Wax removal (microsuction, irrigation and manual wax removal).
Hearing test- covering diagnostic tests for young children and adults
Tinnitus advice
Expert advice regarding any hearing problems.

Wax removal

Are you struggling to hear?
Are you a hearing aid user that needs regular wax removal?
Are you tired of waiting long waiting time's for wax removal?
Are you experiencing problems with your ears?

If you answer yes to any of these questions above don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to find a solution for you. At Hear Again Earcare we can assess your ears to determine if you need ear wax removal or further diagnostic test's to clarify any concerns regarding your hearing. If any concerns are established, we can provide appropriate advice and treatment options.

We offer same day appointments and home visits. We are complying with Covid 19 regulations. PPE would be worn at all times and all clients will be triaged prior to booking.
Visits by appointment only
Face coverings worn during your visit
Social distancing where possible
Hand sanitising at all of our clinics
If you or your family have been in contact with someone who has tested positive with coronavirus or have symptoms please wait until it is safe to book. We have to ensure the safety of clinicians and the general public.

Who we are?

We are a team of highly experienced Audiologists with over 20 years’ experience working in the NHS and privately. We have all completed B.Sc Audiology degrees to allow us to practice as fully qualified Audiologists. All our staff have completed appropriate microsuction training to allow them to practice. All practitioners are registered with appropriate governing bodies (RCCP or HCPC) and are insured. Training completed with the hearing lab.


What is earwax (CERUMEN)?

Earwax, also known as cerumen, it is a natural substance produced in your ears to keep them clean and protect them from infection, dust and skin debris. It is a sticky oily substance that is secreted from the glands in the ear canal. People have different types of wax, soft or hard wax or it can appear in different colours.

Often wax works it's way out naturally, but in some cases it can build up and block the ears resulting in reduced hearing. Wax build up can occur in people of all ages, particular problem is the use of headphones/ earplugs which push wax back in the ears. Also those with hearing aids and narrow ear canals may suffer from a build-up of wax.

How to deal with blocked ears?

As Audiologist's we advise:

  • Not to use cotton buds or your fingers to remove wax, this can push the wax further down the ear canal pushing it against the eardrum or cause peforations/ ear infections.
  • Not to use Hopi-ear candles or other self-removing tools as these are ineffective and dangerous.
  • To remember the golden rule, not to put anything smaller then your elbow in your ears!

Always use a professional Audiologist (hearing specialist), who are trained to remove wax safely out your ears. Wax build up can cause dull hearing sensation, a blocked ear feeling, pain and for hearing aid users further complications. Our Audiologist use Microsuction for ear wax removal, this involves a tiny vacuum to gently ease out the wax. The Audiologist has full view of the ear canal using microscopic loupes/Light.

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Microsuction is considered the safest option for wax removal. It use's a small vacuum to gently clear the ears. The suction power is very low, it is a very quick procedure and carries low infection risk due to it being a dry procedure. The Audiologist can see what they are doing through the use of loupes/Microscopes. 

At Hear Again earcare, we take digital consent by asking you to fill out a form prior to each wax removal. The Audiologist will first inspect your ears using an Otoscope, adhering to BSA guidelines. If there is wax the Audiologist will continue to remove the wax out your ears. We will ensure you are comfortable and make you feel at ease. We recommend softening the wax prior to the appointment with olive oil, no more then 3 days. 

Our Services

Covering clinics across Blackburn and surrounding areas




Our Testimonials

I had my ear cleared by the lovely audiologist. She was very professional and friendly. I had softened the wax as per instructed prior to the appointment and could not believe how much wax came out. It made a huge difference straight away.
Martin Snow
I routinely need my wax cleared as I wear hearing aids. I was seen by this lovely lady who was very thorough. I’m happy I can use my hearing aids again without the whistling.
Margaret Shaw
I had my ears cleared with microsuction, it is a very quick procedure using a suction machine. The audiologist showed me the wax that came out my ears, it was unbelievable
Mohammed Kha

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday 9AM to 6PM
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