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We are qualified Audiologists trained to safely remove wax from your ears or any foreign object. Microsuction is used to remove wax. Microsuction is used more commonly in the NHS, especially within ENT and is supported by the NICE guidelines. In certain cases an Audiologist may use manual tools to successfully remove the wax or foreign object.

Why choose Hear Again Earcare?

Ear wax removal near me (Blackburn)?

Hear Again earcare is based in Blackburn, our clinic is available to those who wish to come to a physical location. For those who struggle to travel or are house bound we will offer home visits. Home visits are offered across Lancashire but additional charges may be incurred depending on distance. We do cover a large area so don’t hesitate to call us. We cover Burnley, Brierfield, Nelson, Colne, Accrington, Haslingden, Chorley, Preston, Rawtenstall, Clitheroe and Darwen. Not on the list? Give us a call and we will still try and help.

Ear cleaning / Ear syringing near me?

More and more people are finding they are having to go private for ear wax removal issues, some surgeries have stopped providing ear syringing or there may be long waiting times. If you have been to see your GP and have been confirmed you have blocked ears, it will be advisable to get it removed by a trained professional. You would have been advised by your GP to use drops, this will not remove the wax out your ears.

Is Microsuction safe?

Microsuction uses a tiny vacuum to gently ease out the wax from your ears, a suction pen is carefully inserted into your ear and the Audiologist has full view of your ear using microscopic loupes. The likelihood of suffering from an ear infection after the procedure is very low. You will be advised to sit still and not to make any sudden movements during the procedure.

Does Microsuction hurt?

An Audiologist will advise to soften the wax prior to the appointment, this helps the wax become loose and less likely to cause pain during the removal. You will feel a slight pull in certain circumstances when the wax hasn’t been softened well. The Audiologist may use olive oil in your ears to help with the removal. Often hard wax has formed over a long period of time and can be stuck to the ear canal/ eardrum.

Can Microsuction remove hard wax?

Yes the audiologist may still be able to remove the wax during the appointment, by using olive oil spray. The audiologist will request you to tilt your head slightly allowing the oil to work its way down and soak the wax. In some cases the wax may not be removed at the first appointment and a follow up appointment may be required to give an individual enough time to use olive oil.

Is Microsuction better then syringing?

Microsuction is a dry procedure, so less likely to cause infections. Microsuction does not remove all the wax and may still be some wax left as this is a natural protection against bacteria/dust. The Audiologist has full view of the ear canal during the procedure whereas syringing uses a high water force that can cause perforation in the eardrum. The chances of microsuction causing a perforation is very miniscule as the Audiologist is trained not to go too close to the eardrum. Microsuction can be used in previous operated ears, known perforations or someone with an ear infection. Syringing can’t be used in those circumstances due to risks of further damage.

Do I need to soften wax before microsuction?

At Hear Again we advise to soften wax prior to your appointment, 3-5 days before. We only recommend olive oil to soften the wax as it’s a natural product and less likely to cause irritation in the ear.

What ear drops to use?

We recommend olive oil, you can purchase this from a local pharmacy. “Earol olive oil spray” is also great to use as it squirts the required amount and you do not need to lay on your side.

How do I soften the wax?

To apply olive oil drops, lay on one side and insert a couple of drops. Allow a couple of minutes and do the same for the other side. Make sure to place an old towel on your pillow to avoid staining your bedding.

Does Microsuction make tinnitus worse?

In some cases tinnitus may seem worse after the procedure due to the cold sensation in the ear / noise of the machine. Usually this is a temporary change and should settle within a couple of days. Some people have reported tinnitus after microsuction.

Why does my ear still feel blocked after microsuction?

This is due to microsuction causing the temperature in the ear canal to cool down during the procedure, this should only be temporary. We often perform a pressure test (tympanometry), to rule out any congestion behind the eardrum. The Audiologist will explain your results to you. Sometimes it could be due to issues behind the eardrum that causes the blocked ear sensation (glue ear). We advise to wait a week or so, if it hasn’t improved to get back in touch or speak to your GP.

Who can perform microsuction?

Microsuction is a very skilled procedure and should only be performed by trained individuals with appropriate training. Typically microsuction is performed by Audiologists, Doctors, ENT surgeons and specialist Nurses.

What are the symptoms of ear wax build up?

Why is my ear wax smelly?

If you are experiencing discharge from your ears and there is a smell, it may be due to an ear infection, please see your your GP for appropriate medical treatment.

Does an ear candle work?

There is no evidence that an ear candle works, we do not recommend any self-removal tools as this could potentially cause further harm to your ears. No inspection of the ear is done before and after to determine whether the wax has been removed.

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